The NHS needs real doctors not “Spin Doctors”

I know it’s easy to kick the NHS when it’s down but is this really the right use of resources and is it advertised in the right way? It reads like BS to me. (I’ll be back next year but no less cynical) From the Guardian online. LONDON NORTH WEST HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST Head ofContinue reading “The NHS needs real doctors not “Spin Doctors””

Practice Plan NHS Confidence Monitor Survey

The most recent and up to date Practice Plan NHS Confidence Monitor Survey went live a couple of weeks ago. If you are a dental professional working in the NHS here’s your chance to rate your confidence levels in the future of NHS Dentistry. It’s anonymous and you can take the survey here. Previous resultsContinue reading “Practice Plan NHS Confidence Monitor Survey”

Zero-hour contracts – a good thing for some.

As I’m about to have breakfast with an employment lawyer I thought I’d share this report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) about the contentious subject of zero-hours contracts. They conclude that: Zero-hours and short-hours contracts look set to become a permanent feature of the UK labour market. We estimate that theContinue reading “Zero-hour contracts – a good thing for some.”

Is That It For The NHS?

Very good piece in the London Review of Books by Peter Roderick. It describes the gradual unwinding of the NHS since 1990 and ponders the future, well worth a read. The writer has worked with Professor Allyson Pollock who talked about dentistry having already been privatised in the 2006 edition of her book, NHS plc.Continue reading “Is That It For The NHS?”