RyanAir why do you choose to be like this?

Another 90 minutes spent wrestling with the “new, improved” RyanAir website and the strictly script controlled “online chat” operatives have led me to think once again about the company. It’s too easy to just pillory them because of Fascinating Aida’s brilliant and accurate skit – go on watch it again it’s at the bottom ofContinue reading “RyanAir why do you choose to be like this?”

What would John Ruskin have said about Groupon in Dentistry?

The news that a practice in Manchester has gone bust is sad for the patients, the associates and the staff. The fact that this practice had apparently been selling orthodontics via Groupon limits the sympathy that I feel for the owner(s). If anyone has heard me speak in recent months then they will have hadContinue reading “What would John Ruskin have said about Groupon in Dentistry?”

The Weekend Read – The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda

Ever since I heard Einstein’s saying that, “All things should be made as simple as possible but no simpler”, I have sought,  espoused and taught a philosophy of simplicity. I used Mike Wise’s dictum to make your restorative work recoverable when doing clinical work and applied the same thought to all systems. Now Dr JohnContinue reading “The Weekend Read – The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda”

Two (Senior) Doctors on the Junior Doctors’ Strike

When I was a House Officer and Senior House Officer in Oral Surgery from 1978 – 81, the name Russell Hopkins was mentioned with awe and some trepidation. He was Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery in Cardiff with something of the autonomy of consultants in the post Lancelot Spratt years (without the Roller), his domain wasContinue reading “Two (Senior) Doctors on the Junior Doctors’ Strike”

All UK Dentists should watch this.

If you’re a dentist and not UK based, or not a dentist at all then look at the way that UK government works. This is a clip from Parliament TV featuring the House of Lords Grand Committee, discussing “Orders and regulations: General Dental Council (Fitness to Practise etc.) Order 2015”. Meeting held on January 18thContinue reading “All UK Dentists should watch this.”

The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #21

(For the meaning behind the blog scroll down.) From Medical News Today No more needles at the dentist – just a tiny electric current instead If you’re scared of the dentist’s needles you’re not alone – but new research means you might not have to put off that appointment again. A study published in ColloidsContinue reading “The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #21”

Unobtainiums and electric toothbrushes

Thanks to reestheskin for this. From The Economist’s book review – The Elements of Power: Gadgets, Guns and the Struggle for a Sustainable Future in the Rare Metal Age. By David Abraham. Yale University Press, 319 pages; $30 and £20. So remember when you’re prescribing electric toothbrushes just what goes into them and what theyContinue reading “Unobtainiums and electric toothbrushes”

Hands-on training for complex dental implant procedures.

A challenge faced by dentists is: How to get hands-on training for complex dental implant procedures on cadaver heads? Quality trainings are few and hard to find because cadaver heads are not easy to organise.   We have created such a training that we are hosting in Coventry, UK, in March 2016 over a long weekend.Continue reading “Hands-on training for complex dental implant procedures.”