The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime #20 – Hair, Home Scanners and Sensitivity.


For the history of this “TGBSL” series read here

Three pieces of varying age:

1) Dental caries susceptibility linked to… your hair?

A new study shows a link between hair keratin and enamel strength. A new National Institute of Health study has found not only that enamel structure can influence an individual’s predisposition to caries, but also that keratin can affect enamel structure.

2) Your patients can make like a dentist with a home scanner.

If you have patients who like toys then this could be for them. Anything that encourages them to look in their moths can’t be a bad thing can it? From C/NET.

3) The claim – a new biocompatible material that potentially rebuilds worn enamel, reduces tooth sensitivity and is much longer-lasting than current treatments.

Durable biomaterial potentially reduces tooth sensitivity. Make up your own mind. Anything that can sort out sensitivity has got to be a good thing.


2016 #5




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