Modern? Yes. Better? I don’t think so.

I had a great day with the dentists from Edinburgh Dental Studio on Monday. This story was told to me by one of principal Graeme Smart’s associates. She and her partner are looking to buy a house at the moment and had been looking on a particular estate agent’s website at properties in their priceContinue reading “Modern? Yes. Better? I don’t think so.”


I love Dog Savage’s “Savage Chickens” cartoons. I saw this one on the day after Simon Tucker’s excellent presentation at The BDA Western Counties Young Dentists Conference where he referenced Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why”. This came at the end of a week where I had insisted/suggested that three of my clients watch Sinek’s presentation.Continue reading “Why?”


My friend and student contemporary Professor Richard Welbury was the first person to present the full horror of child abuse and neglect to me. It is good to see that the British Society for Paediatric Dentistry is getting behind the NSPCC’s “It’s time” campaign. The full article was on Dentinal Tubules. Here it is withContinue reading “NSPCC’S ‘IT’S TIME’ CAMPAIGN SUPPORTED BY BSPD”

Chasing the silver pound.

An article in The Economist, “Shades of grey” (it doesn’t say how many) examines the lot of today’s pensioners with their predecessors and, possibly, their successors. A few highlights: In 2000-2014 spending on restaurants by the over 75s rose twice as fast as the under 30s. For cinema & theatre tickets it rose five timesContinue reading “Chasing the silver pound.”

NICE two-week cancer advice ‘is delaying diagnoses’, claim Oral Surgeons

Fast-tracking GP cancer referrals through the two-week wait pathway has overloaded clinics and caused delays in diagnosis of head and neck cancers, a group of surgeons have warned. The article is here – the comments make interesting reading, but leaves me wondering what the person at the coal face of primary care supposed to do.Continue reading “NICE two-week cancer advice ‘is delaying diagnoses’, claim Oral Surgeons”

Slight Edge Habits

From The Slight Edge a new book by Jeff Olsen in which he talks about how to gain, you’ve guessed it, The Slight Edge by using incremental actions and daily gains rather than world shattering leaps or a quick fix. Worth printing and sticking on your wall – where you can see it. Show Up.Continue reading “Slight Edge Habits”