Dewi Sant…

893a1cab-ae3b-4838-a1b4-ce13f17ee017March 1st is the feast day of St. David, Dewi Sant, patron saint of Wales. He was born in 500 and died in 589. His mother is reputed to have been a niece of King Arthur who was seduced or raped by his father and later became a nun. During David’s birth, by the sea near St David’s, her fingers left marks where she grasped the rocks and as David was born a bolt of lightning from heaven struck the rock and split it in two.

It is known that he was baptised Saint Elvis of Munster, no doubt a great influencer of the boys from Craggy Island.

It is said that St David’s last words were, “Be joyful, keep your faith and do the little things in life”.

He was buried in St David’s but in 1284, following Edward I’s conquest of Wales, the English king took David’s head and arms and displayed them in London.

…and every two years, or more, his followers come seeking revenge.


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