It happened – so here’s an Irish take on “Brexit”.

One of the pleasures of living outside the UK and, for the moment anyway, being able to visit freely the country where I pay income tax, is listening to and reading other opinions of the land where I spent my first 60 years. I am no longer a UK citizen, I gave up a dozenContinue reading “It happened – so here’s an Irish take on “Brexit”.”

Chris Baker on the Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

A great article that first appeared in Dentistry.  Written by Chris Baker from Corona Dental Marketing. As a practice, one of your most valuable resources is your existing patient database. The most cost-effective way to communicate with this base is via email – this is why you need to be doing it. Here are myContinue reading “Chris Baker on the Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing”

When are notes contemporaneous?

Contemporaneous – This is defined as an accurate record, made at the time, or as soon after the event as practicable. It is a record of relevant evidence which is seen, heard or done, by the maker of the note. EVIDENCE ACT 1995 – SECT 72. Contemporaneous – records should be made at, or veryContinue reading “When are notes contemporaneous?”

Sidney Toledano on numbers.

I have recently worked with a couple of clients who have been obsessing about and dominated by numbers – it turns out that a previous adviser had insisted that they use systems where everything is counted, measured and future performance is predicted. The problem is that many of the predictions were unrealistically optimistic and theContinue reading “Sidney Toledano on numbers.”

Summer soft patch significant? – from RBS Chief Economist’s Weekly Brief

Here are a some of the stats that leapt out at me. The full report is here. Italics are mine. Weak signal. The soft patch for British business continues, according to the latest Purchasing Manager’s Index, with activity remaining subdued in each of the UK’s three main sectors in May. Manufacturing output, at 50.1, justContinue reading “Summer soft patch significant? – from RBS Chief Economist’s Weekly Brief”