How to protect yourself from unwanted customer feedback….

There is a PS to this story which I’ll put here. Expedia did make contact with me after my comments and were sympathetic and understanding about the problems that were caused by American Airlines. (Just saying, “I am so sorry to hear what you went through was a great start”). I am now attempting to get American Airlines to listen to my feedback.

I described the problems of my  journey from Phoenix to Dublin with a couple of travelog postings on Facebook. I am fully aware that stuff happens, what makes the difference is how the provider of a service deals with problems. American Airlines were poor, it felt like they didn’t care about their customers. British Airways picked up the discarded baton and it felt like they did care.

Expedia sent me an email yesterday at 00:53 which I received when I was eventually on the ground with another flight to come – this time unplanned.

Here’s the email:






Here’s what happens when you click the red face.




Smart deduction guys…but how do I leave feedback?

The Monday Morning Quote #386

“Humankind seems to teeter between hubris and paranoia: the hubris of our ever-growing power contrasts with the paranoia that we’re permanently and increasingly under threat. At the zenith we realise we have to come down again…we know that we have more than we deserve or can defend, so we become nervous. Somebody, something is going to take it all from us: that is the dread of the wealthy. Paranoia leads to defensiveness, and we all end up in the trenches facing each other a cross the mud.”

Brian Eno (Feb 2016)


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