Ads and Blockers

Online Advertising On Laptop Shows Websites Promotions And Ecommerce Strategies

My friends are fed up of hearing me bang on about digital advertising and (to a certain extent) digital marketing generally. I believe that much of it is smoke and mirrors sold to the unwary with promises of subsequent success which, like all advertising is impossible to measure. The old gag that only half of advertising works the problem being that nobody knows which half, is still as true as ever, except I am not convinced the figures for half working don’t greatly exaggerate its efficaciousness.

Perhaps I am outlier, I mute TVs when adverts appear (including the BBC’s repetitive self-publicity) and I do have ad-blockers on most digital devices. Ghostery has opened my eyes to the extent to which we are followed by people trying to flog us any and everything, most of which I neither want or need. I enjoy looking at ads in magazines but rarely remember what they are promoting. I have been chuntering on for several years to anyone who will listen that, “the world is full of two sorts of people, those who have ad-blockers and those who don’t realise that ad-blockers exist.”

From Private Eye issue 1429 14-27 October 2016.

“Despite repeated assurances by ad agencies to their clients that customers are craving branded content with which to “engage”, it seems consumers are increasingly inclined to avoid digital marketing wherever possible.

Recent findings by market researchers TNS suggest that over a quarter of people online “actively avoid” sponsored content, while a third feel they are “constantly followed” by online advertising. Even better, data from the Internet Advertising Bureau show that when asked why they block ads on-line, the most popular response is”[I] found out ad-blockers exist” – or, put more simply, “because we can”.

Case rested.

PS John Hegarty’s book on Advertising, Turning Intelligence into Magic, is a must read for anyone who has an interest in the subject of advertising.


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