Oasis. BUPA. Round and round until the music stops….

(Apologies for mixed metaphors) I remember a staple of children’s parties was a game called pass the parcel. In this a present was wrapped in many layers of paper and passed from child to child who were seated in a circle. When the music stopped whoever had the parcel removed a layer of wrapping paper.Continue reading “Oasis. BUPA. Round and round until the music stops….”

A Trump Tower Goes Bust in Canada

I try to keep my political views to myself, but some weeks you have to acknowledge what’s happening elsewhere. This story is from my friend Jason Cupp’s newsfeed here. It’s worth a read. A Trump Tower Goes Bust in Canada The failure this week of Trump Toronto showcased a familiar scenario: big promises, glitzy image,Continue reading “A Trump Tower Goes Bust in Canada”

RCS warns of risks of increasing litigation pay-outs

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has warned that NHS trusts risk facing a dramatic increase in the number of litigation pay-outs made if they do not make changes to the processes they use to gain consent from patients before surgery. The warning comes after a landmark judgment given in a Supreme Court case inContinue reading “RCS warns of risks of increasing litigation pay-outs”