One photograph.

This photograph of Iesha L Evans, a nurse from New York, facing the police in Baton Rouge in July this year, was inspiring and thought provoking.

Inspiring, because, like many, I would love to think that I might have her courage and dignity, but I doubt I would.

Thought provoking, because when I read of and watched the protests in the USA in the 1960s before and after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. I hoped that events like this would be considered history by the time I was in my 60s.

I was wrong. It seems that the pendulum is swinging away from my beliefs. I hope that I am wrong about that too.

In the meantime look at Iesha and take courage from her example.


Photograph taken by Jonathan Bachman of Reuters

Here’s a link to the full story.

Analysis of the photograph.

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