NHS urged to share data so patients can be deported

If an NHS doctor divulged personal information about a patient, they could be struck off. But the government pays the NHS to do just this. A patient’s name, date of birth and address are among the data which are passed on to the Home Office. If you are in the UK illegally, they can findContinue reading “NHS urged to share data so patients can be deported”

In case you missed TGBSL #25

“TGBSL” explained here 1) Dental implant with slow-release drug reservoir reduces infection risk Scientists have developed a dental implant containing a reservoir for the slow release of drugs. Laboratory tests in which the reservoir slowly released a strong antimicrobial agent showed that the new implant can prevent and eliminate bacterial biofilms – a major cause ofContinue reading “In case you missed TGBSL #25”