Shouldn’t boys get protection from oral cancer? Please support the BDA, BMA & HPV Action.

In two previous blog posts August 2009 and January 2014 I have supported the argument for boys to be offered the HPV vaccination. If you want to read my take then have a look at the links but do take the time to read Stephen Hancock’s editorial in the BDJ from 2014.

To support this cause please either complete the survey from the BDA or BMA (if you are a member) or take action via the HPV Action website.

Thank you.


New research discovers way to eliminate needles for dental anaesthetic and other stories. In case you missed it TGBSL #28

New research discovers way to eliminate needles for dental anesthetic

A new study from the University of São Paulo found that there might be no need for needles when administering anesthetic for dental procedures.

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Bioengineered tooth restoration in a large mammal

Researchers at Okayama University report in Scientific Reports successful tooth regeneration in a postnatal large-animal model. The approach used involves the autologous transplantation of bioengineered tooth germ into a canine jawbone; the in vivo artificially created tooth has the structure, composition and physiological characteristics of a natural tooth.


New study identifies successful method to reduce dental implant failure

According to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID), 15 million Americans have crown or bridge replacements and three million have dental implants – with this latter number rising by 500,000 a year. The AAID estimates that the value of the American and European market for dental implants will rise to $4.2 billion by 2022.

Dental implants are a successful form of treatment for patients, yet according to a study published in 2005, five to 10 per cent of all dental implants fail.

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