The Painful Truth About Teeth (USA)

From The Washington Post SALISBURY, Md. — Two hours before sunrise, Dee Matello joined the line outside the Wicomico Civic Center, where hundreds of people in hoodies, heavy coats and wool blankets braced against a bitter wind. Inside, reclining dental chairs were arrayed in neat rows across the arena’s vast floor. Days later, the venueContinue reading “The Painful Truth About Teeth (USA)”

The Weekend Read – 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith

The concept of this book is simple, instead of living your life in years, as most of us do, measure it in days. On the 20,000th day of his life the author decided to test the concept and planned his next 20,000 days. Written to be read quickly because, as he points out, “life isContinue reading “The Weekend Read – 20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith”

The Cost of Doing Nothing – in IT

From LRB comes Paul Taylor’s take on what has led up to the problems with NHS IT systems – the malware attack last Friday was a symptom of a far more complex and concerning issue. Successive governments have spent billions without success.  “There are no good news stories about computers and the NHS. The reportingContinue reading “The Cost of Doing Nothing – in IT”

Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Rivals

From HBR, worth a read and then asking yourself some questions…. The starting point of most competitive analysis is a question: Who is your competition? That’s because most companies view their competition as another brand, product, or service. But smart leaders and organizations go broader. The question is not who your competition is but what it is. And the answerContinue reading “Obsess Over Your Customers, Not Your Rivals”

Nice piece on the practical elements of leadership from the HBR

Use High Standards to Motivate Employees Employees constantly watch their leaders to understand what kind of people they are. So one of the most important things leaders can do is to insist on high standards. While low standards lead to low commitment, high standards are energising, even for the most self-motivated employees. But choose yourContinue reading “Nice piece on the practical elements of leadership from the HBR”

Kolbe Wisdom™ and Sales & Service

KOLBE WISDOM™ AND SALES & SERVICE If “selling” can be defined as the exchange of goods or a service for money, then it stands to reason that the process is influenced by the instincts of both buyer and seller. So by knowing the Modus Operandi™ (MO) of your team you can predict how they willContinue reading “Kolbe Wisdom™ and Sales & Service”