The Monday Morning Quote #440

A collection of quotes, aphorisms, sayings, songs or poems to get your week off to a good start.

“Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think.”

The song is earlier than you think.

The Monday Morning Quote #439

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

Peter Drucker

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HPV vaccine: a setback but not the end of the fight.

HPV vaccine: anger over decision not to extend NHS scheme to boys

I have written about this before here and here and here

The decision is disappointing and short sighted but predictable.

Here’s the BDA’s opinion:

“The decision by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), not to vaccinate boys against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has been condemned by health bodies and campaigners. Following a review of the vaccination programme the JCVI concluded that it was “highly unlikely to be cost-effective” to extend the scheme to include adolescent boys as well as girls. The committee, which has yet to publish its final recommendation, said in an interim statement that studies “consistently show” boys are afforded “considerable herd protection” when there is high uptake of the vaccine in girls. A number of campaign groups  criticised the decision, including the BDA. Quoted by several outlets including the Guardian, BBC and Daily Mail BDA chair Mick Armstrong noted that HPV is the leading cause of oropharyngeal cancers, a condition which can have life-changing results. He said government must offer every child the best chance of protection. HPV Action, a campaign group of which the BDA is a member, said they would urge ministers to make the right decision and said there might also be grounds for a legal challenge on the grounds that a decision to leave boys and men at risk breaches equality law. This initial recommendation by JCVI will now be subject to a public consultation and a final decision will be made in October. The BDA said it would urge the committee to reconsider the evidence.”

The Guardian & the BBC agree (as do the Mail and the Sun it seems).



The Science of Human Actions Reactions and Interactions – Kathy Kolbe meets Joe Polish

WATCH: Kathy Kolbe sits down with Joe Polish to talk about human instinct and having the freedom to be yourself.

The smartphone is the sun and everything else orbits it…

From Ben Evans’ blog “Content isn’t King”

….  the device is the phone and the network is the internet. The smartphone is the sun and everything else orbits it. Internet advertising will be bigger than TV advertising this year, and Apple’s revenue is larger than the entire global pay TV industry. This is also why tech companies are even thinking about commissioning their own premium shows today – they are now so big that the budgets involved in buying or creating TV look a lot less daunting than they once did. A recurring story in the past was for a leading tech company to go to Hollywood, announce its intention to buy lots of stuff, and then turn pale at the first rate card it was shown and say “wow – that’s really expensive!”. They have the money now, not from conquering TV but from creating something bigger.

The Monday Morning Quote #438

Life remains about:

  • Setting fresh challenges
  • Broadening horizons
  • Laughing as often as possible
  • Seeking inspiration
  • Staying hungry to learn
  • Constantly pursuing higher standards
  • Having fun
  • Retaining a passionate spirit
  • Making sure no wasted moments

Katherine Grainger.

Thanks to Richard Welbury


In case you missed – TGBSL #31

TGBSL explained: In the second book of the semi-autobiographical series describing the progress of an Edinburgh medical graduate, Colin Douglas describes his hero, David Campbell’s, involvement with medical research. The book’s title is “The Greatest Breakthrough Since Lunchtime“ and the cynic in me always remembers it when I read headlines like these. I insist that I have a huge regard for our researchers, having watched my brother persevere with his work for years and now my son wrestle with a PhD I know that it is something to which I am not suited at all. I bow to your diligence and dedication.

1) Study: Blocking yeast-bacteria interaction may prevent severe biofilms that cause childhood tooth decay

Though most tooth decay can be blamed on bacteria, such as Streptococcus mutans, the fungus Candida albicans may be a joint culprit in an alarmingly common form of severe tooth decay affecting toddlers known as early childhood caries.

“Instead of just targeting bacteria to treat early childhood caries, we may also want to target the fungi,” said Hyun (Michel) Koo, senior author on the study and a professor in the Department of Orthodontics and Divisions of Pediatric Dentistry and Community Oral Health. “Our data provide hints that you might not need to use a broad spectrum antimicrobial and might be able to target the enzyme or cell wall of the fungi to disrupt the plaque biofilm formation.”

Full article HERE

2) Which is better Invisalign or Fixed Appliances: Part 2: Does this new systematic review help?

This is the second of two posts on the effectiveness of Invisalign and Fixed Appliances. Last week I looked at a retrospective study and this week I will look at a new systematic review.

A lot of people read this post and generated a number of comments in the blog comments section and on other forms of social media. In my post last week, I pointed out that the study was retrospective and this meant that we needed to be cautious about the conclusions because of the potential for bias. Nevertheless, I still felt that the study provided us with some useful information. Just as I finished this post, I came across this new systematic review. I would like to discuss whether this helps us further. Full article HERE

The Weekend Read – The 50 Rules of Life by Eric Sanford

I can find little about Eric Sanford online but I know that he is a journalist and photographer who fell into writing after spending too much time “drinking beer” when studying engineering at college. I believe he spends as much time as he can sailing – there is a scary account of his being swept overboard (when breaking one of the rules of sailing as it happens) in Ocean Navigator.

I have no idea when I bought this little (82 pages)book*. It has a dedication in the front which reads, “To Alun – If you play by the rules you miss all the fun! Eric”. Delicious Library (my cataloging programme for books etc) tells me that this was first published in 2005, the year that I decided that clinical dentistry was no fun anymore but this edition was released in January 2011.

So far so good, in the forward Eric explains that he wrote the book when, after making the same mistakes over and over again, he determined to learn some lessons so he wouldn’t keep repeating his blunders. Although his rules are personal many can apply equally to most of us. Using “50 Rules” helps me to stay grounded, reminds me of my core values and helps me gain perspective. I think Eric’s exercise is one that most of us could and should copy. I have a document on the desktop which I copied from the Guardian, “This much I know” which makes a start.

The reason that I have re-read it this week is that I am in the middle of one of my regular periods of re-appraisal, examining my mindset, my motives and my methods reflecting on what’s working, what isn’t and what adjustments in course I need to make for the next year or so.

Here are some examples from the book:

  • Rule #1 Make your dreams come true.
  • Rule #2 Write it down.
  • Rule #3 Do it now.
  • Rule #28 Believe only what you see with your own eyes or hear with your own ears.
  • Rule #33 Don’t assume that others share your views.
  • Rule #47 Question authority.

Having now written about “The 50 Rules of Life” I am minded to write my own as an exercise, why don’t you?

I believe you can buy a copy from

*PS. I realise that I bought it on the recommendation of my friend the ocean rower, environmental campaigner and coach Roz Savage MBE, FRGS, who is mentioned, but not named, in the opening chapter. 



…businessmen, they do what’s good for them in the short term…

He’s writing about the music & media business but it could be health, education or sport…or banks or retail or travel or insurance…

…or dentistry.

That’s corporations for you, businessmen, they do what’s good for them in the short term, screw long term value, screw the shareholders ultimately, just do it for yourself….

Full piece here

The Monday Morning Quote #427

“Face the dawn.

Embrace the dawn.

Don’t waste the dawn.”

Damen Dempsey – Simple Faith


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