What’s going on at MPS/DPS?

Doctors at medical defence organisation face redundancy The Medical Protection Society is considering making several of its medically qualified legal advisers redundant and replacing them with other “experts” to speed up its response to queries. Rob Hendry, its medical director, said, “Members would benefit from having doctors, lawyers, case advisers, and managers all in oneContinue reading “What’s going on at MPS/DPS?”

and I thought it was just me…and Richard Hellen

According to the Wall Street Journal, printers are among the most in-demand objects in “rage rooms,” where people pay to smash things with sledgehammers; Battle Sports, a rage-room facility in Toronto, goes through fifteen a week. Meanwhile, in the song “Paper Jam” John Flansburgh, of the band They Might Be Giants, sees the jam as aContinue reading “and I thought it was just me…and Richard Hellen”

Facebook has a “Big Tobacco Problem”

Well worth a read from Frederick Filloux’s Monday Note via reestheskin Facebook’s problems are more than a temporary bad PR issue. Its behavior contributes to a growing negative view of the entire tech industry. Mark Zuckerberg talking: “There was this Deloitte study that came out the other day, that said if you could connect everyone inContinue reading “Facebook has a “Big Tobacco Problem””

UK adspend: Mobile drives growth

From Benedict Evans’ Newsletter. Mobile advertising spending overtook TV advertising in the UK (note the effect of the BBC here, though). LONDON: The UK’s ad market reached a new milestone during the third quarter of 2017 as almost one in four pounds spent on advertising went to mobile, which posted year-on-year growth of 30.7% to £1.3bn,Continue reading “UK adspend: Mobile drives growth”