Why the Outrage?…another opinion

“Just as environmentalists demand that the fossil fuel industry ‘leave it in the ground,’ the ultimate demand to be levelled at Silicon Valley should be ‘leave it in our heads.’ The real villain here is an expansionary economic logic that insists on inspecting ever more of our thoughts, feelings and relationships.” William Davies writing onContinue reading “Why the Outrage?…another opinion”

There’s a distinction between the social internet and social media.

Cal Newport‘s Latest Blogpost On Social Media and Its Discontents “The social internet describes the general ways in which the global communication network and open protocols known as “the internet” enable good things like connecting people, spreading information, and supporting expression and activism. Social media, by contrast, describes the attempt to privatize these capabilities byContinue reading “There’s a distinction between the social internet and social media.”

impact is not easily measurable on short time scales

“There is currently pressure on academics to demonstrate the immediate impact of their research on society. It is perhaps worth reflecting that impact is not easily measurable on short time scales. Hawking’s was truly blue-sky research – and yet it has fascinated millions, attracting many into scientific careers. His academic legacy is not just theContinue reading “impact is not easily measurable on short time scales”

Why I’m glad my son doesn’t play the game that I love.

As the 6 Nations reaches its climax it’s time to look hard at the real problem of head injuries. Rugby players more likely than not to sustain a concussion after 25 matches in a season. Concussion is one of the biggest problems facing both rugby union and league. Rates of the traumatic brain injury in rugbyContinue reading “Why I’m glad my son doesn’t play the game that I love.”

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Facebook Advertising for Dentists with Chris Baker

In this episode of the Incisal Edge Podcast Alun Rees talks to Chris Baker about Facebook Advertising. https://theincisaledge.files.wordpress.com/2018/03/chris-baker-podcast-3.m4a The third of our interviews with Chris Baker from Corona Dental Marketing http://www.coronadental.co.uk