…we pay for the product or content, and surrender our data.

Good, thought provoking piece by Jean-Louis Gassée which concludes:

The not-so-good news is the flow of “domestic data” that we unwittingly offer up to Amazon’s sophisticated Machine Learning citadel. In an admirable and to-be-feared sense, Amazon has the upper hand on Google and Apple. With Google, we don’t pay for the product, We Are The Product and we pay with our data. With Apple, we pay for the product and get to keep our data. Now, with Amazon, we pay for the product or content, and surrender our data.

Chapeau bas, hats off to the AmazonNet of Things!

What will happen next won’t be boring, either on account of security accidents, or because we start asking questions.

Full article HERE

If you think “this has nothing to do with me”, think again.

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