…same sh*t, different profession…

I write mostly about what happens to dentists and the business of dentistry…but let’s not forget that the UK is a pretty lousy place for a lot of professions at the moment, especially the ones that put patient care at their core. This from the BMJ via reestheskin “Why do doctors feel the need toContinue reading “…same sh*t, different profession…”

GDPR = Got Desperate People Rich(er)

Chicken Licken says the sky has fallen – #94 Lee Gilbert’s thoughts on GDPR, “It seems every type of company from Accountants, HR Advisory firms, Law Practices, IT companies, Greengrocers and Candle Stick makers… have been jumping on the band wagon of running seminar’s on the subject without truly understanding (or having read in someContinue reading “GDPR = Got Desperate People Rich(er)”

The General Medical Council has lost its way – Lancet

The Lancet 14th April 2018 “Proper standards should include attention to the dismal environment doctors and other health professionals are working in. In its fact sheet related to this case, the GMC says that it sent a clear message in 2016 that there was “a state of unease” in the medical profession. And in responseContinue reading “The General Medical Council has lost its way – Lancet”