The General Medical Council has lost its way – Lancet

The Lancet 14th April 2018

“Proper standards should include attention to the dismal environment doctors and other health professionals are working in. In its fact sheet related to this case, the GMC says that it sent a clear message in 2016 that there was “a state of unease” in the medical profession. And in response to understaffing and unsafe workloads, it advises doctors that “it is vital you escalate your concerns and document them; but don’t walk away”. This is wholly unhelpful advice when staffing gaps, unfilled positions, and unmanageable workloads are the daily reality in the NHS. The GMC’s leadership has lost the trust of the profession and public. Empty apologies and further reviews are not enough. To rebuild confidence in the GMC, its Council Chair Terence Stephenson and Chief Executive Charlie Massey must resign.”

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