Pass the parcel Part 94, now it’s Portman’s turn.

Swiss firm joins £300m race for Cheltenham winner’s dental chain Jacobs Holding is among the suitors trying to get in the saddle with Cheltenham-winning jockey Sam Waley-Cohen, Sky News learns. A Swiss family office whose investment firepower was partly generated by an international chocolate producer has joined the £300m race to buy the dental chainContinue reading “Pass the parcel Part 94, now it’s Portman’s turn.”

Philip Roth’s advice..

From David Hepworth’s blog. Philip Roth’s invaluable advice to writers I like the story about the young novelist, still waiting tables, who approached Philip Roth, proffering a copy of his newly-published first book. It was called “Balls”. Roth admired the title. Said he couldn’t believe he hadn’t used it himself. Then he advised his fanContinue reading “Philip Roth’s advice..”

British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show Day 2 – plus one absentee

A day that seemed less rammed than yesterday but was still busy enough. The competing attractions of sunshine, the FA cup final and a certain high profile wedding didn’t significantly deter the delegates. Indeed some were tuned in to the Windsor nuptials – here are the BACD royalists. (Some of) the lawyers, sales agents andContinue reading “British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show Day 2 – plus one absentee”

British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show Day 1

Firstly let me get this comment out of the way, it is not and probably will never be a substitute for the BDA conference. Done. The numbers were high. When I arrived from the airport at 9.05 the queue to print tickets looked daunting but the stewards kept it organised and the ticket machines wereContinue reading “British Dental Conference & Dentistry Show Day 1”