A Builder’s Lesson.

How shall I a habit break?As you did that habit make.As you gathered, you must lose;As you yielded, now refuse.Thread by thread the strands we twistTill they bind us, neck and wrist.Thread by thread the patient handMust untwine, ere free we stand.As we builded, stone by stone,We must toil, unhelped, alone,Till the wall is overthrown.Continue reading “A Builder’s Lesson.”

Hours down. Productivity up. Nothing new.

“Reduce your hours and watch your productivity increase.” I tell my clients that they need to focus on the the three Es by becoming, “Efficient, Effective and Economic.” This does not mean cutting corners or scrimping to save, rather ensuring that you are doing the best you can for only as long as you needContinue reading “Hours down. Productivity up. Nothing new.”

Yerkes-Dodson is still relevant – if you want to enjoy your clinical career

Why should a “law” described first in 1908 be relevant to everyday Dentistry (and more)? Robert Yerkes and John Dillingham Dodson described their tests with rats that could be encouraged to complete a maze when stimulated with slight electrical shocks. When the strength of the shocks was increased however the rats just ran about lookingContinue reading “Yerkes-Dodson is still relevant – if you want to enjoy your clinical career”

Julian Tudor-Hart RIP

I was sad to hear of the death of Julian Tudor-Hart recently. I quote from his obituaries: A visionary general practitioner (GP) who spent his career practising what he preached, Julian Tudor Hart is best known as the author of the inverse care law: “The availability of good medical care tends to vary inversely withContinue reading “Julian Tudor-Hart RIP”

HPV vaccination – still too slow

I have written before about HPV vaccination HERE, HERE, HERE, & HERE. I thought all was going well however this article in the Lancet has made me realise there’s a way to go. Data from Public Health England highlight how the UK’s national cervical cancer vaccination programme has greatly reduced the prevalence of human papillomavirus (HPV)Continue reading “HPV vaccination – still too slow”

William Moyes – Pendlebury Lecture – June 2014

I found out recently that a copy of this lecture had been removed from its “place” on the GDC website, there is only a summary on FGDP(UK),  I am happy to produce it here because I believe it is important. If you would like a PDF copy then please contact me through my website. INTRODUCTION ThankContinue reading “William Moyes – Pendlebury Lecture – June 2014”

Quote of the Day – On reviewing all series of The Apprentice

Sam Woolaston writing after 14 years as a TV reviewer. “The Apprentice, maybe more than anything else, drives home that I have been doing this long enough; too long, some might say. I have written 20 – twenty – reviews of The Apprentice, and that’s not including The Young Apprentice, plus interviews with winners, withContinue reading “Quote of the Day – On reviewing all series of The Apprentice”