Great opportunity in Cheltenham

We are looking for a full-time associate dentist We have an exciting opportunity to work in a long standing, purpose built, private practice in Cheltenham. We are offering: A great clinical and non-clinical environment. An excellent client journey delivered by a supportive, long standing team. A committed client list who belong to Illume’s Membership. FullContinue reading “Great opportunity in Cheltenham”

Sometimes you just have to stop and take your brain out.

Recently I had a Tuesday 4am wakeup to get the 7am flight to Edinburgh. All the way there I was thinking about a series of articles for which I had missed a deadline the day before. When in Edinburgh I stay with Jon and Lisa, my brother and sister-in-law, dermatologists both, Tuesday is a homeContinue reading “Sometimes you just have to stop and take your brain out.”

Mixed surgical teams lead to less medical error..

From The Economist Diverse surgical leadership promotes co-operation and decreases conflict SURGEONS are people, and people are animals, and animals often fight. Which is why Frans de Waal, an expert on animal behaviour, has turned his attention to the operating theatre to see if the methods he honed studying chimpanzees might be used to improveContinue reading “Mixed surgical teams lead to less medical error..”