It’s always the small that get squeezed the most…

Over the past few years I have seen a few dentists who are being forced into financial situations that are making survival harder with relatively short-term loans that were taken out at “tight” times and their banks declining to support them further by rescheduling the debts over a longer term. Instead of being able toContinue reading “It’s always the small that get squeezed the most…”

Is progress linear or cyclical?

“I thought all my life that progress was linear. Now it’s very clear at best it’s cyclical and it’s very hard to tell we are at the bottom of the wave or are we going to have an upswing.” Louise Arbor (chief prosecutor of the Rwandan & Yugoslav war crimes tribunals) speaking to Alec Russell inContinue reading “Is progress linear or cyclical?”

Tech stasis?

John Naughton writing about last week’s “Apple Special Event”. “But maybe we’ve arrived at what Charles (Arthur) calls — “a sort of tech stasis”. Many of the things we have are now Good Enough, and so despite Moore’s Law and the wonders of computational photography, etc. we don’t need to upgrade them every year, or everyContinue reading “Tech stasis?”