Have any lessons from Theranos been learned?

“…some employees who raised concerns were fired and others resigned. A combination of secrecy and a pugilistic tendency for legal skirmishes prevailed under the founder’s view that she required absolute loyalty…”

“How could the markets have been so misled? Flawed human nature predicts our ability to succumb to overselling and inflated claims. The company had created expectations that were inflated by the media and its investors…..a board of directors that included Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of Defense William Perry, the emperor was naked in plain sight.”

“The UK Government embraces technology in health care, and frequently, when concerns are raised—about outcomes, harms, safety, or testing—they are dismissed as cynicism or simply a failure to embrace change. Yet it is possible that we could harm patients through badly thought out and improperly tested technology—and not least through moving funds away from better use.”

Margaret McCartney reviewing Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup in The Lancet


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