Dan Tuohy on his disillusionment

“Integrity and loyalty is a thing of the past, even a simple gesture of looking someone in the eye has gone.” “As a professional you get paid well, the lifestyle is class, all the [nonsense] aside it really is a dream job, although I had grown sick and tired of the pre-season goalsetting of honestyContinue reading “Dan Tuohy on his disillusionment”

Tempus Fugit. The Clock of Life by Robert H Smith

The Clock of Life by Robert H Smith The clock of life is wound but once And no man has the power To tell just where the hands will stop, At late or early hour. To lose one’s wealth is sad indeed, To lose one’s health is more. To lose one’s soul is such aContinue reading “Tempus Fugit. The Clock of Life by Robert H Smith”