The Importance of Humility

The Importance of Humility

“Too many orthodontists are hypercritical of one another. This behavior is likely attributed to our academic success in dental school, the browbeating method of morning case-reviews in residency, and the competition over patients in private practice. When I graduated from residency, I believed that I was better trained than the other orthodontists in my community. I judged others with a harsher eye than I judged myself.

I now have a more realistic view of myself and I reflect more and project less. If a transferring patient comes to my office, I continue their treatment at no expense to the family in order to support the previous orthodontist. I have no time for criticism of others, as I have so much myself that needs to improve.”

Taken from Kevin O’Brien’s blog the words are those of his guest Neal Kravitz. Full article HERE


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