Dental research and experiences pay dividends.

Amongst the things that came to my notice this week. Via the FT “How to spend it” magazine came “BONDIC”, which is apparently developed using concepts from Dentistry. It comes in an applicator with a built-in UV beam. Apply, shine the light and off you go.           2. From NatureContinue reading “Dental research and experiences pay dividends.”

Safety of lateral flow tests questioned.

From British Medical Journal The lateral flow devices used in the community testing pilot in Liverpool only picked up half the covid-19 cases detected by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests and missed three out of 10 cases with higher viral loads, according to the government’s own policy paper.1 Jon Deeks, professor of biostatistics at theContinue reading “Safety of lateral flow tests questioned.”

Objective Decisions and the Devil’s Advocate

Prospective clients ask me how I work, what I do and so on. Sometimes I sum it up by saying that I hold a mirror to their practice and working lives in order to help them see things more clearly, other times I’ll say that I walk beside them as their guide and cheerleader alongContinue reading “Objective Decisions and the Devil’s Advocate”

Mid-Week Dental Medley #2

Notable Quotable, “I rang up Guy’s hospital… and I said ‘what’s this thing you’re doing, the vaccination?’… They duly put me on the list, I went off and had rather a nasty lunch, and then came back and they were ready for me.” the interviewee reminded me of the Bonzos. Here he is in allContinue reading “Mid-Week Dental Medley #2”

The Solution to Depression is Action

“Patagonia’s Yvon Chouinard set the standard for how a business can mitigate the ravages of capitalism on earth’s environment. At 81 years old, he’s just getting started.” I thank my friend Richard Hellen for introducing me to, founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard, and encouraging me to read the autobiography, Let my people go surfing. An.Continue reading “The Solution to Depression is Action”

We need to stay aware of the Instant Gratification Monkey.

I believe that most of my clients think they have a problem with procrastination, those who don’t, think they take decisions (the wrong decisions) too quickly and in order to repent and avoid the same mistakes again develop a procrastination habit…. This TED talk by Tim Urban takes a humorous but serious look at procrastination.Continue reading “We need to stay aware of the Instant Gratification Monkey.”