Tuesday 5th July 2022 “Swim against the tide…”

Quote of the day: We swim against the tide,” says Brook, “and achieve whatever we can in our chosen field. Fate dictated that mine was that of theatre and, within that, I have a responsibility to be as positive and creative as I can. To give way to despair is the ultimate cop-out.” 

Director Peter Brook, who has died at the age of 97. Obituary HERE.

Is It a Physician’s Job to Make Their Patients ‘Happy?’
Interesting question and answer (it depends) from Medscape – worth a read for any clinician forced by circumstances to insert barriers between themselves and their patients. I have met people who prefer, or choose, to have conversations when masked and goggled (“that way they can’t recognise you outside” said one) I don’t understand. It reminds me of a story my mother told me about working in what used to be known as the “special” clinic during the 1940s. Perhaps another time.
My patient is older and hard of hearing, and masks aren’t helping the situation. I raise my voice so he can hear me, which means I lose a lot of nuance and expression in my tone. Within a few minutes, he allows his mask to droop below his nose, as if trying to show me I should do the same — a common occurrence and why I wear a fit-tested N95 for all patient encounters.
I ignore the sagging mask and do my best to answer his questions, but he doesn’t allow me to complete a sentence. He’s angry, and he has every right to be. Anger about a cancer diagnosis is common and a normal human reaction.
But it soon goes beyond that.
“Move that button so I can see your name,” he demands, interrupting me again
…. Continues HERE

Blessed, by John MacKenna (listen to it HERE)
How blessed we are to be alive
How blessed to have the comradeship of real friends
To sit with them and break this leavened or unleavened bread
To know that we are treasured
And to have the gift of giving love
How blessed to walk with dogs
To see the early Autumn leaves come blazing into fire
To drive across a moonlit mountain
To be forgiven and forgive
How blessed we are to be alive.

Music. It’s Robbie Robertson’s birthday (born 1944), famous for being in Bob Dylan’s backing band during The Basement Tapes era then called “The Band”, this is a track from his first solo album which became part of the soundtrack of my life in the year during which I opened my first practice. Showdown at Big Sky. Turn it up.

PS It is my intention to post a blog every day. I hope that it may be of interest to some, it will reflect my life, my work, my beliefs, my interests and my many contradictions. Between now and the next edition I hope to change the format as the current WordPress outline is just not simple enough.

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