Dentistry needs a safety net – support the BDA’s initiative.

The BDA continues to step up to the plate on behalf of dentists in the UK. All members will have had an email from the BDA today asking them to write to their MP regarding the fall out from the Corona Virus Pandemic. “The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is being felt across our profession.   ManyContinue reading “Dentistry needs a safety net – support the BDA’s initiative.”

“We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals…”

Stephen Hancocks’ Editorial British Dental Journal 22nd November 2019 “We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals not just a homogenous bunch plucked from the general public…” “….One is left in little doubt that the current UDA system of remuneration in England, for example, fails utterly to address such important shifts in emphasis.Continue reading ““We are providing oral care, not just dentistry, for individuals…””

The more things change…

From the editorial in the current BDJ “Each generation believes that it discovers everything for the first time and suffers each difficulty anew. Is it that a certain personality type was (and is still) attracted to dentistry? If so, does this partly explain today’s burnout statistics as much as it did then? ‘In 1913, DormerContinue reading “The more things change…”

The Incisal Edge Podcast with Lauren Harrhy

Alun talks to Lauren Harrhy about her career in Dentistry as Principal of Sparkle Dental Centre, her work with Mental Dental – A group for Dentists in Crisis, the Confidental helpline, the BDA and more. The Podcast Notes: Mental Dental – A Group for Dentists in Crisis. LINK CONFIDENTAL, the 24 hour telephone helpline forContinue reading “The Incisal Edge Podcast with Lauren Harrhy”

“Dentistry is Tough”

You know you’re being taken seriously when the incoming BDA President checks your name and writing in their address. “An opinion piece was recently published in BDJ In Practice by Dr Alun Rees, ‘Is Dentistry making us sick?’ It starts with the statement, ‘Dentistry is tough’. I don’t think any of us would argue withContinue reading ““Dentistry is Tough””

HPV vaccination (yet) again

July 2018: The Words: “UK Government advisers have recommended extending funding for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines to boys. The HPV vaccine was previously offered to girls aged 12 to 13, with the new recommendation meaning 400,000 boys will also benefit every year. All UK Governments took on board the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunsation’s (JCVI’s) advice.Continue reading “HPV vaccination (yet) again”

Time to review your associate contract?

A couple of years ago I asked a specialist dental lawyer friend of mine why her firm suggested using the BDA associate contract rather than writing one of their own, she replied that as the BDA contracts are the the mostly widely used they are regarded as the industry standard. She went on to sayContinue reading “Time to review your associate contract?”

HPV vaccination – isn’t it time?

The science is there, isn’t it time the political will was there? Dear Dr Rees, I wanted you to be the first to know. We’ve just got word that the UK Government’s scientific advisors have finally listened, and have recommended expansion of Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination programme to cover school-age boys. HPV has beenContinue reading “HPV vaccination – isn’t it time?”