Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…

Excellent Blog Post from the Kolbe Connect Blog. Knowing and understanding your Kolbe A can help to cope with and understand what you do and what you should do. My clients who embrace Kolbe Wisdom get so much more from themselves and from their teams. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized burnout as a medicalContinue reading “Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…”

Working with a (Dental) spouse.

Knowing your spouse’s MO can help the relationship thrive at work and at home. Increasingly in Dentistry spouses / life partners are working together. Some of these working relationships thrive whilst others produce tensions between the partners which can lead to stress outside the workplace. If you don’t get on at work then that isContinue reading “Working with a (Dental) spouse.”

How Kolbe Can Help Your Work Relationship With a Spouse

I regularly work with couples who are both involved in the business. Often they have problems seeing problems the same way and this can put a strain on their relationship. I have found that both partners understanding their Kolbe A results can not only improve the way that they work together but can also haveContinue reading “How Kolbe Can Help Your Work Relationship With a Spouse”

Kolbe Wisdom™ and Sales & Service

KOLBE WISDOM™ AND SALES & SERVICE If “selling” can be defined as the exchange of goods or a service for money, then it stands to reason that the process is influenced by the instincts of both buyer and seller. So by knowing the Modus Operandi™ (MO) of your team you can predict how they willContinue reading “Kolbe Wisdom™ and Sales & Service”

Kolbe – My Decade of Success – What’s Your Kolbe?

It’s nearly ten years since I completed my Kolbe Accreditation, since then I have shared the my knowledge with hundreds of individuals and helped many teams understand how instinct is so important in knowing themselves and their teams. So over the next few weeks I am revisiting some articles that I wrote back then. What’sContinue reading “Kolbe – My Decade of Success – What’s Your Kolbe?”

A Collection of Smart, Friendly Individuals Does Not Constitute a Productive Team From Kolbe connection Today’s environment of rapidly accelerating change continuously gives birth to new markets, new solutions, and new opportunities.  Consequently, business structures everywhere have become decentralized and more fluid as managers are discovering the critical importance of highly responsive and productive “teams.” Today, the work force at a large organization typically comprises teamsContinue reading “A Collection of Smart, Friendly Individuals Does Not Constitute a Productive Team”

Don’t Pick Your Business Partners Based on Personal Chemistry

An article in the Harvard Business Review “Don’t Pick Your Business Partners Based on Personal Chemistry” was mostly about getting everything sorted legally and started: Having a good personal rapport with someone can help you see opportunities for working together, but chemistry is a poor foundation for business deals. Partnerships need to face tough analyticalContinue reading “Don’t Pick Your Business Partners Based on Personal Chemistry”

Leading by Instinct – Kathy Kolbe spells it out.

This posting is from Kathy Kolbe’s blog dated October 6th 2014 – for some reason I missed out on it first time round. One of the things that I explain to people about Kolbe is that there is no right or wrong. I was recently dismayed to read a posting from another dental coach, whoContinue reading “Leading by Instinct – Kathy Kolbe spells it out.”

Kolbe – “Glop Shop” in Action

From Kathy Kolbe – a great demo of “Glop Shop” & Kolbe A in action. “I have been working closely with Thomas P Seager, PhD in the ASU Engineering department. This is an excellent description of Demonstrating Conative Theory with Glop Shop videos. I encourage you to use them and pass them on!”