“Assess Job Fit, Not Just Performance”

From Harvard Business Review – Business Tip of the Day adapted from “The Challenge of the Average Employee” by Anthony Tjan. Performance reviews tell you whether someone is doing an adequate job, but they fail to reveal whether people are doing the right jobs. This is especially problematic for average performers—those not good enough toContinue reading ““Assess Job Fit, Not Just Performance””

ASU researchers confirm brain’s decision-making function

Article from http://www.ASUstatepress.com ASU researchers are finding out what makes people tick. ASU Associate business professor Pierre Balthazard and independent scientist Kathy Kolbe hope to apply data from a new scientific study on the third faculty of the brain, called conation, to learn what drives people. The study, administered at Kolbe Corp., Kolbe’s company, examinedContinue reading “ASU researchers confirm brain’s decision-making function”

Kathy Kolbe and Dr. Pierre Balthazard Reveal Brain Research and Kolbe Wisdom

I have just returned from a sensational few days at the Kolbe Professional Growth Seminar, all consultants have to be re-certified by the staff at HQ every 18 months and I look forward to my trips to Phoenix Arizona to meet up with the fellow users of Kolbe Wisdom. I have been a Consultant sinceContinue reading “Kathy Kolbe and Dr. Pierre Balthazard Reveal Brain Research and Kolbe Wisdom”

Kolbe Wisdom™ and Leadership

This is the most recent article for Apex.  I have borrowed and quoted heavily from Kathy Kolbe’s book “Pure Instinct” which is available from Kolbe Corporation through their website http://www.kolbe.com. It is possible that some of the concepts I discuss will not be clear to the reader who has not read the earlier articles, IContinue reading “Kolbe Wisdom™ and Leadership”

Kolbe Case Study – We Should Have Seen It Coming

Just published in the current edition of the Apex Online Journal – here This is the story of a venture that failed, the business survived but the fallout and bad feeling between the participants persists. It wasn’t a dental practice, it could well have been and, bearing in mind the readership, I will retell theContinue reading “Kolbe Case Study – We Should Have Seen It Coming”

Kolbe Case Study – A long way away in a practice by the sea

This is a study of a practice set up that is by no means unique in my experience. Neil and Sharon are married dentists, and are partners and owners of this 5 year-old practice. They rely heavily on their practice manager Julie and have just appointed a new associate Debbie. What they wanted to knowContinue reading “Kolbe Case Study – A long way away in a practice by the sea”

Kolbe: How to build the perfect team.

Latest Article for publication by Apex: So far in this series of articles I have concentrated on the Kolbe A index and how its use can benefit both individuals and teams. This time I will talk about the other tools that are available particularly the Kolbe B and C index and their use. The indexesContinue reading “Kolbe: How to build the perfect team.”