The Indispensable Man

Sometime when you’re feeling important;Sometime when your ego’s in bloom;Sometime when you take it for granted,You’re the best qualified in the room:Sometime when you feel that your going,Would leave an unfillable hole,Just follow these simple instructions,And see how they humble your soul. Take a bucket and fill it with water,Put your hand in it upContinue reading “The Indispensable Man”

Oh the places I will go – Part 3 – Bounceback

Part 1 – The World at my feet Part 2 – The World at my feet – in pieces 18th March 1993 My 40th birthday and a very significant date in the life of my practice. In the wake of the 1990 NHS contract and subsequent clawback of fees a group of dentists in GloucestershireContinue reading “Oh the places I will go – Part 3 – Bounceback”

Carl Richards’ Newsletter – Forget working hard. Try resting hard.

I read and enjoy several dozen (or more) Blogs / newsletters which I should share more often. Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner and creator of “The Sketch Guy” column which has appeared in the New York Times since 2010. His website is “The Behavior Gap” (sic) and here’s the Link He wrote anContinue reading “Carl Richards’ Newsletter – Forget working hard. Try resting hard.”

Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…

Excellent Blog Post from the Kolbe Connect Blog. Knowing and understanding your Kolbe A can help to cope with and understand what you do and what you should do. My clients who embrace Kolbe Wisdom get so much more from themselves and from their teams. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized burnout as a medicalContinue reading “Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…”

What makes some people more productive?

Time management in Dentistry continues to be a massive stumbling block to success especially when “speed” and “effectiveness” are confused, one leaves you knackered at the end of the day and not earning properly, the other brings rewards that you can appreciate. We all have the same amount of minutes in an hour, hours inContinue reading “What makes some people more productive?”

“Dentistry is Tough”

You know you’re being taken seriously when the incoming BDA President checks your name and writing in their address. “An opinion piece was recently published in BDJ In Practice by Dr Alun Rees, ‘Is Dentistry making us sick?’ It starts with the statement, ‘Dentistry is tough’. I don’t think any of us would argue withContinue reading ““Dentistry is Tough””

Our society is being highjacked

Thanks to Cal Newport for pointing me towards this site in his latest Study Hacks blogpost, “Beyond Digital Ethics”. He talks about the work of Tristan Harris and The Centre for Humane Technology from whose website I have taken a page. What began as a race to monetize our attention is now eroding the pillarsContinue reading “Our society is being highjacked”

We had shown resilience and proven that so much in performance is about belonging and purpose.

We had shown resilience and proven that so much in performance is about belonging and purpose. Like I said, it was a surreal weekend; in a city driven by opulence and materialism there were a bunch of boys from the Fijian villages, some who had no family homes to go back to, happier than anyContinue reading “We had shown resilience and proven that so much in performance is about belonging and purpose.”