Lefsetz on George Michael…

“Music, when done right, is undeniable. It doesn’t matter what the critics say, it doesn’t matter what you believed yesterday, it doesn’t matter what your friends have to say, you’re immediately infected, the sound just makes you feel good, puts a smile on your face, makes you glad to be alive.” Full article here –Continue reading “Lefsetz on George Michael…”

“The people who fail try just as hard” – David Hepworth on Henry Worsley

The sad story of the demise of Henry Worsley  passed me by – I was probably too wrapped up in something oh so important. Here’s David Hepworth’s take on things from his blog whatsheonaboutnow.blogspot.co.uk Henry Worsley’s last message is a rare episode in the narrative of human accomplishment. It’s not often we get to hearContinue reading ““The people who fail try just as hard” – David Hepworth on Henry Worsley”

Look out your window I can see his light…

In the week of David Bowie’s death there has been much outpouring of grief. Someone said to me on Tuesday, “ever since Diana the British seem to have taken to weeping and mass emotion after the death of someone / anyone famous”. A trifle cynical perhaps Mr B, but I don’t disagree. Here is theContinue reading “Look out your window I can see his light…”

A life worth remembering

This is the time of year for looking forward, perhaps taking stock and learning from the past but not dwelling on mistakes. I was preparing to use this weekend blog to list my “achievements” of 2015, books read, films and plays seen, miles travelled, flights taken (& missed), hotels away from home and yadda, yadda,Continue reading “A life worth remembering”

Oliver Sacks – R.I.P.

The neurologist Oliver Sacks has died in New York. There is a full obituary in The Guardian here. I read the piece (below) in the New York Times earlier this year after listening to a review of his autobiography. Like most of us I would like to think that I could be so eloquent aboutContinue reading “Oliver Sacks – R.I.P.”

Per-Ingvar Branemark – R.I.P.

I was very sorry to hear of the death of Per-Ingvar Branemark who died on December 20th. at the age of 85. He had been ill for some time. The discovery in 1952 that titanium would integrate with bone flew in the face of conventional thinking at the time. The finding which was by chance, asContinue reading “Per-Ingvar Branemark – R.I.P.”