Summertime and the living ain’t always easy.

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“Sophisticated Procrastination”

Most people know what they ought to do to succeed but can usually find something to stop them. Frequently they are guilty of getting in their own way. The reasons can be challenging to discover from depleted self-worth, having no idea of what success looks like for them through to not acknowledging that they are in the wrong place.

Although they have the problem and it is their’s alone, they are likely to want to blame something, anything, else. The practice, the principal, the patients, the position, the NHS, the associates.

Often this becomes a form of “sophisticated procrastination” which includes all sorts of excuses. Telling your teacher that the dog ate your homework may be acceptable when you are 10, using an equally lame excuse as an adult makes no difference because it’s only yourself that you’re trying to fool.

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“One third gone and what have you done?”

The Incisal Edge Newsletter for May 1st.

“Strike another match, start anew.” (Bob Dylan)

April 30th was our financial year end for nearly two decades and I still have a feeling that I must end something and, more important, start something around that date. Whilst tidying, reading and binning yesterday I came across these lines. I don’t know who wrote them originally but I like the simple message.

  • We are where we are.

  • It matters not how we got here.

  • What matters is; what happens next.

We’re a third of the way through 2019, blink and the summer will have gone, have you made the changes that you dreamed of, taken the steps you hoped  for or chosen the new path? If not now when?

I am a great fan of goals & plans and objectives & tactics sometimes what matters most is what you do in the next 10 minutes.

Many people (especially in dentistry it seems) have a tendency towards  “perfection paralysis” they want everything to be “right” before they make changes, before they start something new and, because it never will be, because perfection never quite happens, sadly they don’t start, they don’t make the move, and they are left with their dreams, hopes and aspirations unfulfilled.
If you are one of those perfectionists
this article might help.

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