Summertime and the living ain’t always easy.

The current Newsletter from The Dental Business Coach is available to view here: Here’s a section: “Sophisticated Procrastination” Most people know what they ought to do to succeed but can usually find something to stop them. Frequently they are guilty of getting in their own way. The reasons can be challenging to discover from depleted self-worth, having noContinue reading “Summertime and the living ain’t always easy.”

“One third gone and what have you done?”

The Incisal Edge Newsletter for May 1st. “Strike another match, start anew.” (Bob Dylan) April 30th was our financial year end for nearly two decades and I still have a feeling that I must end something and, more important, start something around that date. Whilst tidying, reading and binning yesterday I came across these lines.Continue reading ““One third gone and what have you done?””