40 years on M.K. still asks hard questions.

Forty years ago I was four and a half months in to my first job as one of the two “Resident House Surgeons in the Dept of Oral Surgery” at The London Hospital, now The Royal London. I am still amazed that I got the post, the story of my interview is worth hearing ifContinue reading “40 years on M.K. still asks hard questions.”

Tales from Phoenix #1 – Orthodontics

Last week I spent two days in Phoenix Arizona at the excellent ConationNation conference organised by Kolbe Corp. The conference was as inspiring and educational as usual and, as ever with these things, one learns much during the breaks. One of the great conversations was with someone who works for a brokerage that sells orthodonticContinue reading “Tales from Phoenix #1 – Orthodontics”

Bonded v Vacuum formed retainers? Kevin O’Brien’s blog.

It was interesting that there were no differences between the retention regimes.  As a result, I think that our patients should decide on their retainer.  We should  outline the various risks and benefits of wearing and maintaining these two different types of retainer and explain that there is no difference in their effectiveness. Most ofContinue reading “Bonded v Vacuum formed retainers? Kevin O’Brien’s blog.”