The Weekend Read – Can Medicine Be Cured? by Seamus O’Mahony

Can Medicine Be Cured? : The Corruption of a Profession I have an instinctive leaning towards any O’Mahony from Cork because my maternal grandmother, Catherine O’Mahony, was Cork born and bred. Stories of, and meetings with, members of the extended O’Mahony family have been some of the highlights of my life.  This book examines modern medicineContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Can Medicine Be Cured? by Seamus O’Mahony”

The Weekend Read – Not Invented Here

A lovely, useful and stimulating little book. Compact in size but large in ideas. Its premise is to give the reader ideas to look at other industries and see what they might borrow. We are all encouraged to think out of our box, this has ideas for thinking from further afield. Easy to read andContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Not Invented Here”

Read a book! You’re too busy? All the more reason.

I know when life is getting to me, it’s when I stop reading (fiction especially) because “I don’t have time”. What I do have is time that I waste on apparently being busy, doing things that could be started, completed and given me time to read. That’s why this article resonated with me.  It’s thatContinue reading “Read a book! You’re too busy? All the more reason.”

The Weekend Read – The Go-Giver

I was listening to Bob Burg, the co-author of this little book speaking the other day and it took me back to when I first read it. I had been persuaded that what I needed to succeed was to work hard and faster than everyone else. It went against the grain but if everyone else saidContinue reading “The Weekend Read – The Go-Giver”

The Weekend Read – How to Live on 24 Hours a Day

Probably the first time management book, written by the prolific novelist and writer Arnold Bennett was published in 1908. Its messages and lessons are still relevant and as important now than they were 112 years ago. The context has changed but the distractions have not if anything they are greater. This was part of largerContinue reading “The Weekend Read – How to Live on 24 Hours a Day”

The Weekend Read – The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber

On the inside cover of my copy I see that I bought this in February 2001 – it was first published in 1995 and I wish I had read it even earlier than that, it would have saved me much pain and heartache and probably saved me a small fortune. Its subscript describes the book,Continue reading “The Weekend Read – The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber”

Stupid behaviour – Gillian Tett – The Silo Effect

“Why do humans working in modern institutions collectively act in ways that sometimes seem stupid? Why do normally clever people fail to see risk and opportunities that are subsequently blindingly obvious? Why, as Daniel Kahneman, the psychologist put it, are we sometimes so ‘blind to our own blindness’?” – The Silo Effect, page ix ReadContinue reading “Stupid behaviour – Gillian Tett – The Silo Effect”