The Monday Morning Quote #595

“Learn the tools.

Seize the moment.”

Henri Cartier-Bresson



5 Harsh Truths

I read many blogs, articles and books. Often I come across an idea, principle or thought that I know I have read somewhere else but the writer claims is original. I’m not talking about stealing secrets or blatant plagiarism – if you steal from one person it’s plagiarism, steal from many it’s research. I do try to acknowledge my sources, often when I post here I’ll provide a link to the original if I am able to remember it.

Today is no exception, this comes from Daniel Priestly’s blog. written in 2016. It applies to many people I meet who seem to think that success is an overnight phenomenon. 

Daniel Priestley’s Harsh Truths: 

  1. It’s hard and it get’s harder. You’re taking on peoples problems. You are taking on problems for your customers, for your staff, for your family and ultimately yourself.
  2. No one is coming to save you. Removing the hope that someone is coming to save you leaves you with the realisation that this business is in your hands.
  3. There’s no big wins only incremental progress. The good news is that soon as you accept that progress is all that’s needed you can keep moving forward and stop getting distracted.
  4. In order to do the work you love, you have to win the work. As soon as you accept this idea, winning business becomes fun.
  5. No one thing will work. There’s no fool proof system, there’s no magic bullet and there’s no people who just work hard without leadership. Every system will need to be refined, every cutting edge strategy will become common place, every hot product will cool off, every ace team member will need training.

“The main thing that makes business miserable is false expectations. If you want it to be easy, it gets damn hard. Paradoxically, If you embrace the struggle, it’s loads of fun.”




Thought of the day 191114 – “Out of time”

From reestheskin’s blog, under the categories “Bullshit, NHS” Link HERE

At one time the words ‘manager’, ‘management’, or worst of all, ‘line-manager’ were alien to much of medicine or academia. Things still got done, in many ways more efficiently than now. It is just that our theories of action and praxis have been ransacked by Excel spreadsheet models of human motivation and culture.

It is the final line from the quote that those controllers of ‘managers’ should be scared of:

“The next recession will retard this trend but it is unlikely to kill it.”

Well, being a dentist. Wise words.

Excellent editorial in the current British Dental Journal from Stephen Hancocks.

Here is the final paragraph:

Whether you regard yourself as a repairer or one who needs repairing, an oxygen-mask fitter or recipient of the same it behoves us all to pay attention to our individual health and well-being, to not be ashamed of this approach and to not undermine it in relation to the care of our patients. Policy makers, healthcare organisations and dental practices can all help in fostering good working environments but individual assessment and action is paramount. There is no question that without our help patients’ oral health will suffer and without our own good health we simply cannot offer an optimum service. It is time to look after ourselves too.

Quote of the Weekend

I have spent a few hours reading the weekend newspapers both paper and online (it’s a wet day & the Open is coming to a conclusion) and these words from Franciscan Friar, Brother William of Baskerville in Emberto Eco‘s “The Name of the Rose” seem most appropriate:

“Often learned men of our time are only dwarfs on the shoulders of dwarfs.”




Two journeys (so far) today. Seat numbers allocated at random, should I be concerned?

Remind me of the date….






The Monday Morning Quote #537

“Make your mistakes, take your chances, look silly, but keep on going.

Don’t freeze up.”

Tom Wolfe

“Dentistry is Tough”

You know you’re being taken seriously when the incoming BDA President checks your name and writing in their address.

“An opinion piece was recently published in BDJ In Practice by Dr Alun Rees, ‘Is Dentistry making us sick?’ It starts with the statement, ‘Dentistry is tough’. I don’t think any of us would argue with that.”

For Roslyn McMullan’s full Presidential address CLICK HERE – I wish her a successful, productive and happy year and look forward to thanking her when we meet.


Gaping Void nails it….again!

Full link here


The Monday Morning Quote #529

The Day After One of the Greatest Stories in Sport a couple of quotes from Eldrick “Tiger” Woods.

“People don’t understand that when I grew up, I was never the most talented, I was never the biggest, I was never the fastest, I certainly was never the strongest.

The only thing I had was my work ethic, and that’s been what has gotten me this far.” 

“Days when you just don’t have it, you don’t pack it in, you give it everything you’ve .

You grind it out.” 

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