The Monday Morning Quote #701

A rule of thumb: if you don’t care about something, don’t *wang on about not caring about it. Wang on about all the things you do care about instead. Here’s another: if you see people getting enthusiastic and happy about something, then, as long as it’s not positively harmful, don’t tell them it’s s**t. The only reason to do so is to make yourself look good in the eyes of people who already agree with you, which is a pretty shabby reason to p**s on someone’s parade.

Ian Leslie in his Ruffian letter. “What’s the point of patriotism?” Link HERE

*PS I am presuming the use of the word “wang” refers to its old and middle English meaning, related to jaw or cheek….you, of course, can choose your own definition.

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Dental Business Coach. Analyst. Troubleshooter. Consultant. Writer. Presenter. Broadcaster.

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