Searching for Silver Linings

Searching for Silver Linings A recent article in the Financial Times, reported a marked increase in demand for work from cosmetic surgeons in South Korea during these days of social distancing. Whilst they usually treat many foreign tourists there has been a rise in demand from local customers at their “glitzy Gangnam district clinics”. OneContinue reading “Searching for Silver Linings”

It’s time to plan your holidays and down time.

My latest piece for deals with getting enough downtime and talks about my experiences in the steelworks. Hint: always have your next break planned. Planning holidays and down time is important to avoid breakdowns and potentially disaster, Alun Rees says. The most physical, and dangerous, summer job I had was at the East MoorsContinue reading “It’s time to plan your holidays and down time.”

Do dental patients know what they want?

Do (Dental) patients know what they want? A recent article in the British Medical Journal discussed the instruction from Health Education England that patients and public should be consulted on ‘What they need from 21st century medical graduates’. I’m reminded of Henry Ford: ‘If I’d asked customers what they wanted, they would have told meContinue reading “Do dental patients know what they want?”