Searching for Silver Linings

Searching for Silver Linings

A recent article in the Financial Times, reported a marked increase in demand for work from cosmetic surgeons in South Korea during these days of social distancing. Whilst they usually treat many foreign tourists there has been a rise in demand from local customers at their “glitzy Gangnam district clinics”.

One of the desires of people wanting cosmetic work is the benefit of the look without sharing the immediate post-operative appearance. Wearing a face mask, keeping your distance and staying isolated for a short time are now acceptable and normal behaviour.

There will be some apparently routine dental patients who have harboured dreams of a greatly improved smile and have resisted the temptation to go ahead. Those long weeks of lockdown, staring at the same old teeth may well prove the catalyst for change.

Revamping your marketing to show what can, and might, be done to help these existing patients is one idea. A better one is to take the time to renew your relationship with your patient. I encourage my clients to treat every patient as a new patient every two to three years as familiarity can breed complacency if permitted. 

Rediscover what their wants are for their mouth and teeth, update them on new advances that you have forgotten to share. The emphasis on selling to new patients forgets that most patients want to know the person at the other end of the sharp instrument. Sometimes it can take years to build that relationship. Often, by that time, you might have presumed they don’t want the “bigger treatments”. They, in their turn, may think that because it hasn’t been suggested it isn’t possible.

There can be a fine line between being seen as sharing and perceived as selling but this is a good time to look for silver linings.

This article was first published in Dentistry Online on 9th July 2020.

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