Peter Green RIP

Here is the poster from the Bath Festival of Blues held on Saturday June 28th 1969. This day long festival begat the “Bath Festival Of Blues and Progressive Rock” held at the Bath and West Showground over a weekend in 1970. The idea impressed a young farmer called Michael Eavis who held his own festival, Glastonbury, later in 1970 – I wonder what happened to him?

“Top of the Bill” as they used to say in those innocent days was a band called Fleetwood Mac who went on to have many incarnations. I still remember Peter Green’s playing on that day he was a wonderful musician whose candle burned strongly for  too brief a time, flickered for years and has now gone out. He influenced many, including this impressionable chap who writes about him.

In contrast to the “thousand notes a minute” players, Green had a soul.

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