Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…

Excellent Blog Post from the Kolbe Connect Blog. Knowing and understanding your Kolbe A can help to cope with and understand what you do and what you should do. My clients who embrace Kolbe Wisdom get so much more from themselves and from their teams. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized burnout as a medicalContinue reading “Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…”

Great opportunity in Cheltenham

We are looking for a full-time associate dentist We have an exciting opportunity to work in a long standing, purpose built, private practice in Cheltenham. We are offering: A great clinical and non-clinical environment. An excellent client journey delivered by a supportive, long standing team. A committed client list who belong to Illume’s Membership. FullContinue reading “Great opportunity in Cheltenham”

Kolbe – My Decade of Success – What’s Your Kolbe?

It’s nearly ten years since I completed my Kolbe Accreditation, since then I have shared the my knowledge with hundreds of individuals and helped many teams understand how instinct is so important in knowing themselves and their teams. So over the next few weeks I am revisiting some articles that I wrote back then. What’sContinue reading “Kolbe – My Decade of Success – What’s Your Kolbe?”

A Collection of Smart, Friendly Individuals Does Not Constitute a Productive Team From Kolbe connection Today’s environment of rapidly accelerating change continuously gives birth to new markets, new solutions, and new opportunities.  Consequently, business structures everywhere have become decentralized and more fluid as managers are discovering the critical importance of highly responsive and productive “teams.” Today, the work force at a large organization typically comprises teamsContinue reading “A Collection of Smart, Friendly Individuals Does Not Constitute a Productive Team”

The NHS needs real doctors not “Spin Doctors”

I know it’s easy to kick the NHS when it’s down but is this really the right use of resources and is it advertised in the right way? It reads like BS to me. (I’ll be back next year but no less cynical) From the Guardian online. LONDON NORTH WEST HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST Head ofContinue reading “The NHS needs real doctors not “Spin Doctors””

Zero-hour contracts – a good thing for some.

As I’m about to have breakfast with an employment lawyer I thought I’d share this report from the CIPD (Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development) about the contentious subject of zero-hours contracts. They conclude that: Zero-hours and short-hours contracts look set to become a permanent feature of the UK labour market. We estimate that theContinue reading “Zero-hour contracts – a good thing for some.”

Narcissistic leaders – who do you know who fits the bill?

From “The” piece, “The appeal of narcissistic leaders is also their downfall“. It left me thinking about those I have trusted, why I have trusted them, which have disappointed me and how quickly. (why is that Tony Blair is the first person to come to mind I wonder?). “From the sports field to theContinue reading “Narcissistic leaders – who do you know who fits the bill?”

A great opportunity for the right person in Cheltenham

From my friends Tim and Alison Rumney who run Illume Dentistry in Cheltenham: ILLUME is looking for a special dentist to join a long established private practice for three days a week in a sought after location on the edge of the Cotswolds. Can you say yes to these? You are developing a varied skillContinue reading “A great opportunity for the right person in Cheltenham”