The joy of the teleconference – not.

Technology is wonderful and has enabled us to improve our communications over the past decade or two, it’s only when it doesn’t function as well as it should or has done in the past that we feel let down and frustrated. My home has “painfully” slow broadband which would have delighted me a decade andContinue reading “The joy of the teleconference – not.”

Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.

From Liz Robb via GDPUK Hello everyone. My name is Liz Robb and I am a long time lurker on the GDP(UK) forum. I work as a Special Care dentist in Somerset splitting my time between working in the surgery, on domiciliary visits and theatre sessions at the local hospital. Webbed feet are very usefulContinue reading “Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.”

Apex E-zine, DentisTV & Beyond

This posting is about Interactive Dental Media; the company, run by Marita Kritzinger, is founded on a solid base of thoughtful traditional journalism but has also embraced new technology and used it to provide innovative products to the dental media market in the UK and beyond. I am proud to have been writing for ApexContinue reading “Apex E-zine, DentisTV & Beyond”