Carlyle Tests Appetite For £1bn Dental Chain

£1 billion = £1 million x 1000. Divide that by 570 and the average practice would be worth £1.754 million. Now I realise that there is no such thing as the average practice but that seems a lot of money to me.  Could the anticipated change in dental contract influence this move? Interesting times indeed.

Carlyle Tests Appetite For £1bn Dental Chain

From Sky News

Britain’s biggest privately-owned dental chain is heading for a sale or stock market flotation that could value it at a mouth-watering £1bn.

Sky News has learnt that the owner of Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH) has asked investment banks to pitch for a role advising it on a deal later this year.

IDH, which has a network of 570 dental practices in England, Scotland and Wales, is majority-owned by The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s biggest private equity investors.

IDH calls itself the biggest dental corporate organisation in Europe, focusing primarily on NHS patients but with private and specialist practices as an increasingly important revenue stream.

According to bondholder filings for the final three months of 2013, earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation for the financial year to date rose by 21% to £48.7m.

The company was founded in 1996 by Luke Johnson, the entrepreneur who previously owned Pizza Express and who is floating Patisserie Valerie on the London Stock Exchange.

Mr Johnson and his partners sold IDH in 2006 for just over £100m, with the private equity arm of Merrill Lynch among its subsequent owners.

The company was created in its current form from the amalgamation of IDH and Associated Dental Practices in 2011, and now treats millions of patients each year.

IDH’s biggest rival, Oasis Dental Care, is also owned by private equity funds having been bought by Bridgepoint last year in a deal worth £185m.

Carlyle is examining exits for a number of its investments, including the RAC breakdown recovery service, as Sky News reported earlier this month.

The buyout firm declined to comment.

The Incisal Edge Podcast Interview #3 – “the Dhrucast” with Dhru Shah of Dentinal Tubules

220x123-p9eThe interviewee on the Incisal Edge Podcast this week is Dr Dhru Shah. In addition to being a specialist periodontist Dhru is the founder of Dentinal Tubules which has grown from a board for advertising job vacancies to huge resource for continuing professional development.

“Share. Learn. Connect”

Join us and listen to Dhru talk about his past, the current state of play with Dentinal Tubules and his plans for future projects which will dwarf the current set up.

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Australia urged to pull up the “Dental Drawbridge”.


From Time Higher Education 10th April 2014.


Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.

From Liz Robb via GDPUK

Hello everyone. My name is Liz Robb and I am a long time lurker on the GDP(UK) forum. I work as a Special Care dentist in Somerset splitting my time between working in the surgery, on domiciliary visits and theatre sessions at the local hospital. Webbed feet are very useful in this part of the world at present. I thoroughly enjoy reading the postings on the forum which help to keep me in the loop of general practice. The various postings have also given me some very useful practical hints and tips along the way.

When not otherwise engaged earning a living, I enjoy my time with NICE, having been awarded a Fellowship in 2012. It has been an interesting time, given that it is the first time that a dentist has been awarded a NICE Fellowship.

I received the message below yesterday from NICE with the request that I alert as many of my colleagues as possible to its contents. My first thought was to contact GDP(UK), so if anyone would like to comment on the current consultation, NICE would be delighted to hear from you.

“Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.
Easy access to comprehensive medicines information is essential for anyone involved in prescribing or handling medicines. NICE is conducting a public consultation on its vision for an enhanced BNF service.

To help shape this vision NICE wants to hear the views of dentists involved in prescribing or handling medicines.

The consultation will run for a period of 8 weeks from 9am on 3 February 2014 to 9am on 31 March 2014.

NICE will also run three interactive workshops in London and Manchester in mid-March to gather more in-depth feedback on the enhanced BNF vision. The results of the consultation and workshops will inform developments for the future service.

Read and comment on the consultation and register to participate in one of the workshops here.

Tweet text: NICE consultation: Have your say on NICE’s vision for an enhanced BNF. Read full consultation & comment (”

Thank you.

Liz R

Bridge2Aid – great progress.

This blog post from January 11th will explain the background to today’s update. Four weeks at £10,000 a week that’s fantastic! Just one final push needed.

From Bridge2Aid today:

bridge2aidlogowithtransparency.142507We’re nearly there!

Dear Supporter,

Exactly 4 weeks ago today we launched our emergency appeal. We have now raised over £40,000 – a phenomenal amount. Just 20% of our appeal target stands between us and the continuation of our vital work in East Africa.

We thank you so much for donating to the appeal and ask that you keep telling your patients, clients, colleagues, family and friends about our plea. In this week’s video blog, found here, CEO Mark Topley explains why it’s so important for us to raise at least £50,000 and thanks you, our faithful supporters who already have.

We currently have two teams training 12 Health Workers in the Shinyanga region in Tanzania and at the end of play yesterday – day 2 of training – they had treated over 300 patients. It just goes to show how important our work is, and why we must ensure that we can continue to provide access to so many people who may otherwise face a lifetime of pain. Keep up to date with the Health Workers’ progress via our Facebook page here.

Wishing you an enjoyable weekend and thanking you for your continued support.

With kind regards,

The Bridge2Aid team.

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View from the USA – Landmark UK decision keeps whitening in the hands of dentists

I enjoy reading US dental journals and websites. I think the general opinion on this side of the Atlantic is that US dentistry is way ahead of the UK, it’s not always the case.

They seem to think that we’re ahead of them with regard to the thorny issue of tooth whitening. It’s from Dentistry IQ & here’s the link.

Landmark UK decision keeps whitening in the hands of dentists.

By Eoin Holohan

gavel Dreamstime.comAs the dental board of North Carolina battles in the Supreme Court to be granted regulatory status over teeth whitening, dentists in America should take some comfort from a recent landmark ruling in UK courts in relation to the same matter. Dental bodies in the UK have battled against unlicensed teeth whitening operations for years and had a massive breakthrough in 2013.

Last year, the UK’s General Dental Council, which governs the provision of dental services, won its High Court battle with an unlicensed provider of teeth whitening confirming its regulatory status as teeth whitening was deemed to be the business of dentistry.

The British Dental Association and General Dental Council had been fighting against these “cowboy teeth bleachers” for many years, but the campaign was always lacking teeth without the necessary legal backing. The landmark case was taken against a qualified beautician named Lorna Jamous, who was carrying out teeth bleaching procedures in her beauty salon.
Initially a lower court ruled in favor of Ms. Jamous, stating she was within her rights to carry out teeth whitening. However, the ultimate court in the UK, the High Court, ruled that tooth whitening does constitute the practice of dentistry and, therefore, those who are not qualified as dentists and regulated by the GDC are prohibited from carrying out such treatment.
The consequence of this is that any unregulated person to carry out the procedure is carrying out a criminal offense and can be tried as such, allowing any future rogue teeth bleaching to be prosecuted through the courts.

Ms. Jamous was convicted of practicing dentistry and unlawfully carrying on the business of dentistry when not regulated by the GDC. For this she was given a 12-month conditional sentence and ordered to pay £350 toward court costs for the GDC. The punishment is light, but the verdict should be enough to scare off any nonqualified teeth whiteners, otherwise punishments will become a lot harsher.
The GDC is now fighting these “cowboy bleachers” with renewed vigor. One of its first steps was to enter discussions with Groupon, the main daily deals site in the UK that now only includes teeth whitening offers from regulated professionals. It will continue to identify these unlicensed practitioners and bring them to justice.

Eoin Holohan is founder of TeethWise, the first cosmetic dental clinic search and comparison website, based in Google Campus London. To learn more the popular dental blog or sign up for their monthly newsletter, click here. You may contact the author by email at ‪

Research Project – Dental Burnout – Help Needed

I was more than familiar with the twin beasts of stress and burnout as a Dental Professional. Jo Taylor’s last survey showed that it wasn’t just me (I think I really knew that but to see it in black and white was an awakening). Here’s news of her next bit of research with which YOU can help,.

Joanna Taylor undertook a survey on Stress in the Dental Team which was published in Dentistry Magazine in 2012. She is now following that up with a research project on “Happiness v Stess and Burnout in the Dental Profession”.

This is what Joanna has to say…

I would be very grateful for your help with a research project I am undertaking as part of my post-graduate studies for my Diploma in Psychotherapy. This survey is open to all qualified dentists. All data will be treated in the strictest confidence and will remain anonymous for the purposes of submission and any future publication of the research. I hope the results will go towards the creation of a system for positive change in the levels of stress and burnout amongst members of the dental profession in the future.

The survey should take between 5-15 minutes to complete and, if you choose to take part, you may opt out at any time; incomplete submissions will be deleted and will not form part of the research.

Although you are welcome for your answers to remain anonymous, I will be conducting further research and a pilot study later in the year based on the results of this survey, which will be looking at the creation of preventive measures against burnout in dentistry. If you feel that this might be something you could find of interest and you would like to take part, you are welcome to provide your e-mail address at the end of the survey and I will contact you with more information in due course.

Please follow this link to take you to the survey:

Thank you so much to all those who choose to take part; your contribution is greatly appreciated. If you would like to know more about me and the work I do, you are welcome to visit my website at

With grateful thanks

Joanna Taylor MHS (Acc)
Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist
NLP Master Practitioner and Certified Trainer
Trainee Psychotherapist

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