Low Morale in the Dental Profession – Nothing new there.

I came across the book “Medicine and Society” recently. Its author, Henry Miller, was Dean of Medicine and later Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and this book was published in 1973, the year I started as an Undergraduate. Writing in the preface Miller concisely states that “This book is concerned with the impact ofContinue reading “Low Morale in the Dental Profession – Nothing new there.”

Carlyle Tests Appetite For £1bn Dental Chain

£1 billion = £1 million x 1000. Divide that by 570 and the average practice would be worth £1.754 million. Now I realise that there is no such thing as the average practice but that seems a lot of money to me.  Could the anticipated change in dental contract influence this move? Interesting times indeed.Continue reading “Carlyle Tests Appetite For £1bn Dental Chain”

The Incisal Edge Podcast Interview #3 – “the Dhrucast” with Dhru Shah of Dentinal Tubules

The interviewee on the Incisal Edge Podcast this week is Dr Dhru Shah. In addition to being a specialist periodontist Dhru is the founder of Dentinal Tubules which has grown from a board for advertising job vacancies to huge resource for continuing professional development.

Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.

From Liz Robb via GDPUK Hello everyone. My name is Liz Robb and I am a long time lurker on the GDP(UK) forum. I work as a Special Care dentist in Somerset splitting my time between working in the surgery, on domiciliary visits and theatre sessions at the local hospital. Webbed feet are very usefulContinue reading “Dentists – Have your say on the vision for an enhanced BNF.”

Bridge2Aid – great progress.

This blog post from January 11th will explain the background to today’s update. Four weeks at £10,000 a week that’s fantastic! Just one final push needed. From Bridge2Aid today: We’re nearly there! Dear Supporter, Exactly 4 weeks ago today we launched our emergency appeal. We have now raised over £40,000 – a phenomenal amount. JustContinue reading “Bridge2Aid – great progress.”

View from the USA – Landmark UK decision keeps whitening in the hands of dentists

I enjoy reading US dental journals and websites. I think the general opinion on this side of the Atlantic is that US dentistry is way ahead of the UK, it’s not always the case. They seem to think that we’re ahead of them with regard to the thorny issue of tooth whitening. It’s from DentistryContinue reading “View from the USA – Landmark UK decision keeps whitening in the hands of dentists”

Research Project – Dental Burnout – Help Needed

I was more than familiar with the twin beasts of stress and burnout as a Dental Professional. Jo Taylor’s last survey showed that it wasn’t just me (I think I really knew that but to see it in black and white was an awakening). Here’s news of her next bit of research with which YOUContinue reading “Research Project – Dental Burnout – Help Needed”

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.

In 2011 Mouth Cancer Awareness Day was successfully launched in Ireland by the Mouth Cancer Awareness Group. Members of the public are encouraged to visit dentists participating in the scheme for a FREE mouth cancer examination.  The Mouth Cancer Foundation has recently launched its Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme which encourages all dental practice toContinue reading “Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.”