Climate & Cars

A couple of links on climate change and the rise of electric cars. The solutions are never straightforward. From the always readable and challenging “Imagine (the planet with climate action)”, the weekly journal from The Conversation comes a few questions: Will we get to net zero by 2050? How does global carbon removal work? CanContinue reading “Climate & Cars”

US Dental Benefits on the Cusp…..

From the Financial Times and behind a paywall….my verdict on this…I’ll believe it when I see it. Barbers went on pulling teeth long after doctors monopolised surgery on other parts of the body. The divide between dentists and the rest of the medical profession persisted into the 21st century where it is baked into theContinue reading “US Dental Benefits on the Cusp…..”

Time to take gum disease seriously: The societal and economic impact of periodontitis

From Economist Impact – Good to see Perio getting serious attention. This report describes the methods and main findings from The Economist Intelligence Unit’s research which assesses the evidence linking improved periodontal health to better overall health outcomes, and showcases the economic and societal implications associated with periodontal health across six European countries: France, Germany,Continue reading “Time to take gum disease seriously: The societal and economic impact of periodontitis”

Pandemic Doctor Abuse

A poll by the British Medical Association (BMA) suggested that more than a third of doctors have faced abuse from patients or their family and friends during the pandemic. The situation was worse for GPs where more than half of respondents said they had to deal with abuse in the past month. Among the main findings fromContinue reading “Pandemic Doctor Abuse”

The People’s Covid Inquiry – opening quote

Michael Mansfield QC doesn’t pull his punches…. The government ignored the pandemic to begin with, ignored the recommendations from Exercise Cygnus, repeatedly ignored the science, had decimated public services, then ignored the cries of those working in the NHS, in social care, and in other crucial services, and as we have heard, ignored the offersContinue reading “The People’s Covid Inquiry – opening quote”

Low Morale in the Dental Profession – Nothing new there.

I came across the book “Medicine and Society” recently. Its author, Henry Miller, was Dean of Medicine and later Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and this book was published in 1973, the year I started as an Undergraduate. Writing in the preface Miller concisely states that “This book is concerned with the impact ofContinue reading “Low Morale in the Dental Profession – Nothing new there.”

Improving gum health may reduce heart risk – the evidence continues to roll in.

Researchers at Columbia University in New York suggest that if you look after your gums, you could also be reducing your risk of heart disease. They claim that improving dental care slows the speed with which plaque builds up in the arteries.
the same bacteria that cause dental plaque can escape from the mouth into the bloodstream and trigger clots.

Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.

In 2011 Mouth Cancer Awareness Day was successfully launched in Ireland by the Mouth Cancer Awareness Group. Members of the public are encouraged to visit dentists participating in the scheme for a FREE mouth cancer examination.  The Mouth Cancer Foundation has recently launched its Mouth Cancer Screening Accreditation Scheme which encourages all dental practice toContinue reading “Mouth Cancer Awareness Day – Wednesday September 18th.”