The people I read – Seth Godin

Sunday 11th April 2021. Every day Seth Godin writes a blog post which he circulates to his subscribers. Yesterday’s (Saturday) was particularly insightful and should be pinned to everyone’s wall. The plan for day 100 What do you want to be doing 100 days from now? What change do you seek to be making? WithContinue reading “The people I read – Seth Godin”

Stop Hiding. Wisdom from Carl Richards.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I hold Carl Richards in high esteem. His simple messages supported by drawings are always worth a look and a thought. This one is especially good. I seem to attract procrastinators (or perhaps they attract me), Carl’s words on the subject are most appropriate and I amContinue reading “Stop Hiding. Wisdom from Carl Richards.”

A Manager’s Manifesto from Bartleby

The ever reliable Bartleby in The Economist has come up with “A Manager’s Manifesto for 2020”. If you can’t be bothered to read the whole thing or even the headings then dwell on the conclusion: Will following these eight rules lead to instant business success? Of course not. None of this will work if theContinue reading “A Manager’s Manifesto from Bartleby”

What to learn from aircraft??

Earl Weiner Among them: Every device creates its own opportunity for human error. Exotic devices create exotic problems. Digital devices tune out small errors while creating opportunities for large errors. Invention is the mother of necessity. Some problems have no solution. It takes an airplane to bring out the worst in a pilot. Whenever youContinue reading “What to learn from aircraft??”

Lessons Learned from the RNLI

I was at a meeting at our local RNLI station in Union Hall a few months ago. We were counting the cash from the annual fundraising collection in and around Skibbereen. Whilst we were waiting to get started I was nosing around, as I do – curiosity being one of my core values, and cameContinue reading “Lessons Learned from the RNLI”

Carl Richards’ Newsletter – Forget working hard. Try resting hard.

I read and enjoy several dozen (or more) Blogs / newsletters which I should share more often. Carl Richards is a Certified Financial Planner and creator of “The Sketch Guy” column which has appeared in the New York Times since 2010. His website is “The Behavior Gap” (sic) and here’s the Link He wrote anContinue reading “Carl Richards’ Newsletter – Forget working hard. Try resting hard.”

Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…

Excellent Blog Post from the Kolbe Connect Blog. Knowing and understanding your Kolbe A can help to cope with and understand what you do and what you should do. My clients who embrace Kolbe Wisdom get so much more from themselves and from their teams. The World Health Organization (WHO) has officially recognized burnout as a medicalContinue reading “Your Job Shouldn’t Kill You…”