The people I read – Seth Godin

Sunday 11th April 2021.

Every day Seth Godin writes a blog post which he circulates to his subscribers.

Yesterday’s (Saturday) was particularly insightful and should be pinned to everyone’s wall.

The plan for day 100

What do you want to be doing 100 days from now?

What change do you seek to be making? With which skills? Surrounded by which people?

For that to happen, day 99 will need to different from today.

And so will day 98.

In fact, so will tomorrow.

If we keep focusing on ‘what’s next’ we might never get around to doing the work we need to do to get us to day 100.

PS happy day 100 of 2021.

(It’s now number 101…subscribe here)

#I do wish I had said that. You will, Alun.

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