The GDC sees sense…

Regulators’ joint statement and supplementary advice Dental defence experts MDDUS has welcomed the GDC’s acknowledgement that the broad range of Covid-related challenges and difficulties faced by the dental profession should be considered formally when it investigates any concerns about a registrant. The regulators’ joint statement: We recognise that in highly challenging circumstances, professionals may needContinue reading “The GDC sees sense…”

Some news on reinfections.

From Nature. COVID reinfections are unusual — but could still help the virus to spread Large study of UK health-care workers suggests that most people are immune for months after catching COVID-19 for the first time. Most people who catch and recover from COVID-19 are likely to be immune for several months afterwards, a studyContinue reading “Some news on reinfections.”

The Indispensable Man

Sometime when you’re feeling important;Sometime when your ego’s in bloom;Sometime when you take it for granted,You’re the best qualified in the room:Sometime when you feel that your going,Would leave an unfillable hole,Just follow these simple instructions,And see how they humble your soul. Take a bucket and fill it with water,Put your hand in it upContinue reading “The Indispensable Man”

“Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid”

From The New Yorker (via the essential John Naughton), Lawrence Wright: The Plague Year. it’s a long read but essential in my opinion. This is an excerpt. “There are three things this virus is doing that blow me away,” Brooks told me. “The first is that it directly infects the endothelial cells that line ourContinue reading ““Some very good reasons why you should not be blasé about Covid””

The Weekend Read – Not Invented Here

A lovely, useful and stimulating little book. Compact in size but large in ideas. Its premise is to give the reader ideas to look at other industries and see what they might borrow. We are all encouraged to think out of our box, this has ideas for thinking from further afield. Easy to read andContinue reading “The Weekend Read – Not Invented Here”

Marketing and the wisdom of Seth Godin

Marketing Driven Vs Market Driven “When you’re marketing-driven, you’re focused on the latest Facebook data hacks, the design of your new logo, and your Canadian pricing model. On the other hand, when you’re market-driven, you think a lot about the hopes and dreams of your customers and their friends. You listen to their frustrations andContinue reading “Marketing and the wisdom of Seth Godin”

We all think we’re productive, but are we?

Excerpt from Jonty Bloom’s Blog: High pay for high performers “….But it does bring me back to productivity, British industry is 30% less productive than America’s, and well behind France, Germany and Italy. There are many reasons but one of the biggest is that British management is bad, really bad. Not only is it badContinue reading “We all think we’re productive, but are we?”