Searching for Silver Linings

Searching for Silver Linings A recent article in the Financial Times, reported a marked increase in demand for work from cosmetic surgeons in South Korea during these days of social distancing. Whilst they usually treat many foreign tourists there has been a rise in demand from local customers at their “glitzy Gangnam district clinics”. OneContinue reading “Searching for Silver Linings”

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Ancora Imparo with Richard Hellen

Ancora Imparo is a Latin phrase which means “I am still learning”. My guest this week is an old friend of the pod, Richard Hellen, principal of York Place Dental Practice in Carlisle. We talk about getting back to work and lots, lots more. Enjoy.  PS I promise that the artwork/mugshot will have changedContinue reading “The Incisal Edge Podcast – Ancora Imparo with Richard Hellen”