Video Killed The Radio Star…oh no it didn’t.

In spite of Messrs Downes and Horne’s prophecy it didn’t. In much the same way that the death of dentistry has been prophesied many times in the 40 odd years of my involvement it hasn’t died, yet. Evolved, grown, changed in many ways certainly but rumours of its death have been greatly exaggerated. I rememberContinue reading “Video Killed The Radio Star…oh no it didn’t.”

The Weekend Read – PAMBO by Baker & Davies

I read this after meeting Michael Baker recently and being impressed with his ideas. When he couldn’t quite reconcile existing management theories with the real world he decided to write his own practical book. A fable of a newly appointed manager discovering that life after promotion isn’t quite as easy as it looks, it dealsContinue reading “The Weekend Read – PAMBO by Baker & Davies”

British Gas, how are Sid’s grandchildren?

#The older I get the less I understand. From Jonty Bloom’s, blog: …..Just look at British Gas; it is in the middle of firing its engineers and re-hiring them on worse terms and conditions, I have not heard anything from the government on this and the reason is simple. They don’t care, in fact theyContinue reading “British Gas, how are Sid’s grandchildren?”