Not quite as easy as it looks is it?

Portsmouth Colosseum Dental Press release via “Curious PR” 16th March 2018: LINK “One of the pillars of Colosseum’s recipe for success in the UK will be embedding each practice as a “good neighbour” in its local community….each practice will retain its connection as an integral part of its community.” 454 days later GDPUK report, 13thContinue reading “Not quite as easy as it looks is it?”

What to do when…..a Corporate Opens Nearby – Part 2

What to do when a corporate opens nearby. First Published in Private Dentistry…2 of 2 6 Expand your offering. What is the corporate doing that you could be doing – and be doing better? Now is the time to take those course that you have been postponing. Invest in yourself, your skills and those ofContinue reading “What to do when…..a Corporate Opens Nearby – Part 2”

Pass the parcel Part 94, now it’s Portman’s turn.

Swiss firm joins £300m race for Cheltenham winner’s dental chain Jacobs Holding is among the suitors trying to get in the saddle with Cheltenham-winning jockey Sam Waley-Cohen, Sky News learns. A Swiss family office whose investment firepower was partly generated by an international chocolate producer has joined the £300m race to buy the dental chainContinue reading “Pass the parcel Part 94, now it’s Portman’s turn.”

For Movies read Health (including Dentistry)

One of my favourite podcasts is “Here’s the thing” which is introduced by the actor Alec Baldwin. It has a simple format, Alec talks to someone who interests him. On a recent episode his guest was veteran actor and activist James Cromwell, their discussion took in some of the big problems with the (Hollywood) movieContinue reading “For Movies read Health (including Dentistry)”

Oasis. BUPA. Round and round until the music stops….

(Apologies for mixed metaphors) I remember a staple of children’s parties was a game called pass the parcel. In this a present was wrapped in many layers of paper and passed from child to child who were seated in a circle. When the music stopped whoever had the parcel removed a layer of wrapping paper.Continue reading “Oasis. BUPA. Round and round until the music stops….”

Bidders Asked To Swallow Oasis Dental Chain. When will the balloon burst?

Bidders Asked To Swallow Oasis Dental Chain From SkyNews. Bridgepoint is preparing to hire bankers to oversee a sale of Oasis, Britain’s second-biggest dentistry provider.The dentistry chain chaired by Lord Rose, the man spearheading the campaign for the UK to remain in the European Union, is preparing to put itself up for sale. Sky NewsContinue reading “Bidders Asked To Swallow Oasis Dental Chain. When will the balloon burst?”

Lefsetz on Founders

From The Lefsetz Letter – March 13th. I don’t always agree with what Bob Lefsetz writes but I enjoy what he says and usually the way that he says it. Founders Don’t take no for an answer. But when their product is in the marketplace to no acclaim, to little adoption, they pivot. He whoContinue reading “Lefsetz on Founders”

Does this apply to (some) dental corporates?

I read the obituary of Sir Adrian Cadbury in the weekend FT. After a distinguished career as an athlete, businessman and administrator he has died aged 86. Long after he left the firm, that was named after his ancestor John Cadbury, the company was controversially taken over by Kraft in 2009. He and his youngerContinue reading “Does this apply to (some) dental corporates?”