The Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast

I was delighted to be a guest of Mark Thackeray from Salt Lake City on his Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast in December.  He was great host, made me very welcome and I commend the Podcast to you. Here’s a link to the back catalogue of more than 40 Podcasts with some useful and interesting guests.Continue reading “The Dental Marketing Secrets Podcast”

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Ancora Imparo with Richard Hellen

Ancora Imparo is a Latin phrase which means “I am still learning”. My guest this week is an old friend of the pod, Richard Hellen, principal of York Place Dental Practice in Carlisle. We talk about getting back to work and lots, lots more. Enjoy.  PS I promise that the artwork/mugshot will have changedContinue reading “The Incisal Edge Podcast – Ancora Imparo with Richard Hellen”

The Incisal Edge Podcast with Abi Greenhough

I spoke to Abi Greenhough from Lily Head Practice Sales and we talked in depth about the ins and outs of buying and selling your Dental Practice. I learned a lot and I’m sure you will too. Even during a lockdown she and her colleagues are busy working hard to initiate and complete salesContinue reading “The Incisal Edge Podcast with Abi Greenhough”

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Marketing in a Time of Lockdown

What to do about marketing during this time of Lockdown? How to best communicate with and retain your patients when you can’t meet them? Chris Baker from Corona Design and Communication shares his knowledge and experience with Alun.

The Incisal Edge Podcast with Lauren Harrhy

Alun talks to Lauren Harrhy about her career in Dentistry as Principal of Sparkle Dental Centre, her work with Mental Dental – A group for Dentists in Crisis, the Confidental helpline, the BDA and more. The Podcast Notes: Mental Dental – A Group for Dentists in Crisis. LINK CONFIDENTAL, the 24 hour telephone helpline forContinue reading “The Incisal Edge Podcast with Lauren Harrhy”

The Binge Listen #1 – Don’t Tell Me The Score

I came across the “Don’t Tell Me The Score” podcast a week or so ago and have listened to the eleven episodes whilst wrestling with wood over the past couple of days – one great advantage of the ear protectors that I employ whilst using the chain-saw is that they both isolate me and keepContinue reading “The Binge Listen #1 – Don’t Tell Me The Score”

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Running an Event – with Chris Baker

Ever considered holding an event to promote your practice? Then be sure to listen to my latest podcast conversation with Chris Baker from Corona Dental Marketing where we discuss the benefits and challenges of organising events.  

The Incisal Edge Podcast – Facebook Advertising for Dentists with Chris Baker

In this episode of the Incisal Edge Podcast Alun Rees talks to Chris Baker about Facebook Advertising. The third of our interviews with Chris Baker from Corona Dental Marketing